My Sister, the Home Wrecker

My Sister, the Home Wrecker

Jeannie's evil sister reads in the newspaper about Jeannie and Tony's wedding and flies into a rage. However, she calms down long enough and plans on breaking it up. She finds out that Jeannie was invited at a party welcoming Major Biff Jelico back to the space program after a few years away competing in auto racing. She soon disguises herself as Jeannie and seduces Jelico in full view of the Bellowses. The next night Jelico arrives at the Nelsons thinking that Jeannie was the girl he was necking with. Now Jeannie must prove that it wasn't her and stop her sister before she breaks up her and Tony's marriage. Written by Brian Washington [email protected]

  • Duration: 30 min
  • IMDb: 7.4

All Episodes - S5

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