Workin' Man

Workin' Man

Ricky emerges from the burning trailer unharmed. Lahey takes off into the woods in a housecoat and strapped with dynamite. The boys hear on the news that two of their marijuana fields were found by police so they decide the harvest the last field right away. They send Corey and Trevor to start but they remember that they had errands to do for Sarah and decide to drive back. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles drive their van to the field and crash into Corey and Trevor on the road. They leave them in the burning car and flag down a tour bus (Rita McNeil's) to harvest the rest of the marijuana at gunpoint. They then hook the burning car behind the van with Corey and Trevor still in it and drive into town. The chain breaks and the car crashes again on a sidewalk. Bubbles loses control of the van and the weed falls all over the road. Lahey shows up with two guns and a dynamite vest and threatens to kill Ricky. The boys hire a delivery boy to take the weed to Moncton. The police show up and try to ... Written by anon


All Episodes - S4

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