The Shit Puppets

The Shit Puppets

In order to make Corey and Trevor make up for royally screwing up the sale of the park, Julian takes them with him while he does a BandE. They break into the house of twin brothers Terry and Dennis, who are friends of Ricky's and partnered with Cyrus. Meanwhile, Ricky decides to make some money by selling hash, which he decides to buy from Terry and Dennis, followed by bubbles in his go-kart, who knows something bad is going to happen. When Julian, Corey and Trevor make off with 100 kilograms of hash, Cyrus recognizes Bubbles on his go-kart and heads with Terry and Dennis to Sunnyvale to retrieve their hash. The confrontation ends in a huge shoot-out, but when the police arrive Mr. Lahey vouches for Julian, Ricky and Bubbles, and only Terry, Dennis and Cyrus go to prison. Written by Clenching Teeth Toast Guy


All Episodes - S5

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